W 434 PRO


Newsletter December 2019


Introduction of a new tester:

W 434 PRO

The test solution for automated production processes 
The space-saving test system W 434 PRO can be flexibly embedded at control- (IO) or network-level (PROFINET, Ethercat or Modbus) into automation systems. An integrated, robust industrial PC provides the test data and takes over control for test procedures  where performance and safety are important. Different combinations of low voltage and/or high voltage generators up to 1,500 Vdc and 1,060 Vac and an RLC measuring bridge provide optimal conditions for test applications in the connector manufacturing or automotive indu- stries. In the case of changing test specification, only a software update is needed.

Why a new tester W 434 PRO ?

Smart factories, a vision in the past became reality in many branches of industry.Man and machine, the real and the virtual world are coming closer.With the digitalization, the demands on the shop floor are changing.

• Full integration of the test system in the automated production line

  • Past: Drivers have been quality and productivity
  • Today: Concepts for modular production, flexible data storage/ exchange

• We are specialists with deep knowledge in testing and reporting with a wide product portfolio of ATE (LV and HV)
• Especially in the automotive sector we’ve implemented a lot of I/O based Automation using the Remote Card of our test systems
• Actually more and more of our customers asking to fully implement the test system into an automated environment.

Communication between the machines directly via PROFINET, ETHERCAT or MODBUS

Industry 4.0

• Networking of different production machines and robots
• Communicating and controlling each other and
• Interchanging data between machines, the company network and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system

Customer Requirements:
• Full integration of the test system in the automated production line
• Direct PLC communication with integrated, flexible Industrial Ethernet communication Interfaces  (Profinet, Ethercat, Modbus)
• Size: Compact, small footprint
• Test Points: Typ. 64 to 512 TP
• Performance: Speedy and reliable
• Integrated PC (no HMI like keyboard, monitor, mouse)
• PLC compatible I/O’s (amplitude High (min 13V) / Low (max 5V))

W 434 PRO interfaces, backside
• LAN (RJ45):   Access to company network for Data Storage or Remote Desktop Connection
• Industrial Ethernet:   Industrial Ethernet Control Interface with
• Profinet (typ. Siemens PLC) or
• EtherCAT(typ. Beckhoff PLC) or
• Modbus(typ. Schneider, ABB PLC)
• No HMI (Human Machine Interface) necessary during operation of the tester
• Test projects can be loaded from the local HD or from a defined location on the company network
• Test reports can be stored on the local HD or on a defined location on the company network
• Integrated PC can be addressed from any authorized PC in the   company network or directly connected via Windows REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION

W 434 PRO features
• Integrated Industrial PC
• PLC Communication via Industrial Ethernet Interface (Profinet, Ethercat, Modbus) or Remote
• Test voltages up to 1,500 Vdc/ 1,060 Vac
• Generator currents 1.95 mAdc / 0.5 mAre_rms , 3 mAim_rms(below limit according EN 50191)
• Test point modules with different output connectors for
o   1,500 Vdc/ 1,060 Vac
o   1,000 Vdc/    750 Vac
• HV DC, HV AC, RLC generator can be activated at any time (after delivery) via licence key
• Generators and TPM for functional Test available

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