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All testers of the WK140/240 series can be connected to an Ethernet network.


  • Test programs can be loaded from a Server
  • Basic Statistic Data (Tested/Fail/Pass) per WK 140
  • Status window of all networked WK 140´s
  • SingleStep Statistic per WK 140 (one file per tester and day)
  • Client/server application (2 programs - (Netstar Server/ NetStar3), therefore Remote access without any commercial SW (like PCAnywhere) possible
  • Last Power On Status per WK 140
  • Status of every WK 140 on demand
  • Setup of every WK 140 on demand (upload / download)
  • Diagnosis and results from every WK 140 on demand
  • Test program can be downloaded from Server to Tester and vice versa
  • New Firmware can be downloaded to all testers in one shoot from the server
  • All relevant data are stored in a Data Base

Alternatives for the Data Base

  • Build in data base (comes with NetStar Enterprise)
  • Your own, company wide used data base (e.g. MySQL)
  • WEETECH Server (includes Server Hosting and Standard Reports) setup cost and a monthly fee is mandatory


no extra charge, is enabled by buying the –E+ version of the WK 140 / WK 240

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