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For practically every application the optimum regarding test depth, test speed and automation grade can be achieved with the system solutions of WEETECH. This ensures an efficient decrease of test costs.

The ElectroEmulation testers offer all possibilities for the demanding wiring test and even more: function test at combined wirings, for instance in a dashboard or a machine control station before integration into the entire system.

The test simulates/emulates the real environment, constraining switching processes which otherwise could be tested only under integrated conditions. Voltages, currents, time intervals and other measurands are set and switching sequences are processed the way they will occur in reality. The test ensures the correct interaction of the components, as well as exact performance and timing.

The open system architecture of the hardware as well as of the software allows the simple integration into existing production sequences and production environments. Due to the flexible system they may be adapted to the various customers requirements, even later.
Due to the possibility of integrating external measuring devices and generators, also complex test tasks can be implemented in an easy and quick manner.

The software allows the uncomplicated combination of test sequences, the integration of peripheral devices like protocol and label printers, barcode readers as well as the integration into BDE and CAQ systems via all current networks.

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