Instructional videos


Here is an explanation of the basic test principles of the WEETECH W4x4 series of test systems. Depending on the test... Read more »


A short presentation of the WEETECH W434-Pro tester. The W434-Pro is designed for an easy integration into... Read more »

WK260 firmware upgrade

 How to upgrade the firmware of a WK260 MU or PC with the WK260 Toolbox. Your tester must be connected to the PC... Read more »

WK260 MU wirenames

An example of a test program with wire names and/or wire colours. To create this the IVISion Studio software is... Read more »

WK260 MU autostart

Testrun with and without the parameter "Autostart open" activated.

WK260 MU short fault

An example of the presentation of short faults.

WK260 MU autoprog

A short explanation how to create a test program by learning an existing good cable.

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