For over 35 years WEETECH GmbH has been supplying test systems for cables, backplanes as well as electric and electronic functional sub-assemblies. Building up long-lasting trusting customer relationships together with a constant increase of the product range came along with a consequent growth on the world market. Today WEETECH is a world-wide acting company with subsidiaries and representations in more than 20 countries.


Automobiles and railway vehicles, aeroplanes, satellites, EDP and telecommunication systems, medical device and industrial controls, for all these systems a perfect function of the electric and electronic components is of utmost importance. Due to the steadily growing complexity, the requirements to the tests of these components have also been growing permanently, and will represent an increasing challenge in future, too.

System solutions

Three different technical ranges contribute to the solutions of the WEETECH:

  • Basic parts are the electronic test systems. They perform the actual measuring or test task. Depending on the customers requirements these may be low-cost series units, systems virtually configured from a "construction kit"or even purpose-made systems.
  • Software solutions serve for integration in the customers production process. There is a wide spectrum from automatic writing of test programs up to connection to ERP systems and demanding data base solutions.
  • Adaptation and automation solutions enable high quantities and care for handling, marking and assorting of the test specimens. Also here, a wide range from standardized construction kit systems up to individual single constructions complete the whole offer.